Native advertising that works requires a plan, careful execution and maybe a cat or two. Here are six ways CTW enhances your change of winning:

  1. Custom Project Design: Every market is different. We tailor each native advertising program to your specific goals, your opportunities and your market.
  2. Project Management: You want your team to sell, not get mired down in managing the many moving pieces of a native dd project. We guarantee that you and your advertisers get their stories — good stories — on time every time.
  3. Personal Service: Before CTW writes a word a friendly reporter actually talks with your advertisers to learn what makes their business different, what they’re proud of, what knowledge they want to share with their customers.
  4. Special Sauce: CTW helps your advertisers make good use of social media to leverage their native ad, generate links back to your site and help everyone elevate in search.
  5. Graphic Content: CTW will work with your advertisers to use their photographs or source appropriate graphic content for them at no additional charge.
  6. Cats: You read that right. The entire Internet is bonkers over cat pics. CTW will keep it fun and shamelessly use silly photos if it helps up your traffic!
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