Native Advertising That Works believes that every project needs to be tailored to your local market and your specific needs. However, what follows are some typical sample packages that our clients have offered their advertisers to help you think about your approach.

Option 1: 12x per year

  • 12 pieces of content with a minimum of 1 photo each, including 2 slideshows (10 photos/slideshow)
  • 24 Suggested Tweets
  • 24 Suggested Facebook posts
  • 12 Suggested Pinterest captions

Option 2: 6x per year

  • 6 pieces of content with a minimum of 1 photo each, including 1 slideshow (8 photos/slideshow with captions)
  • 12 Suggested Tweets
  • 12 Suggested Facebook posts
  • 6   Suggested Pinterest captions

Option 3: 4x per year

  • 4 pieces of content with a minimum of 1 photo each
  • 8 Suggested Tweets
  • 8 Suggested Facebook posts
  • 4 Suggested Pinterest captions
In each case the advertiser would be quoted in the article or other content piece. Each series might start out with a profile of the advertiser and his/her business or a Q&A with the advertiser. Each new post would have new suggested social media posts with a schedule for the posting.
We know from experience that many business owners do not really know what to say when they are interviewed for something like this. For our Holiday Spotlights, for example, when asked what products they thought were exciting this holiday season many business owners offered answers like: “boots,” or “scarves.” Our writers had to pull out of them what made their boots or scarves special.  We believe the same challenge  comes into play here and because we know our topical areas drawing out a subject is precisely what we do.
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